PSYCHOANALYSIS AND TOPOLOGY The theory of the knot (Jean-Michel Vappereau) Topology is a branch of pure mathematics, deals with the fundamental properties of abstract spaces. Whereas classical geometry is concerned with measurable quantities, such as angle, distance, area, and so forth, topology is concerned with notations of continuity and relative position. Point-set topology regards geometrical […]


Ferdinand de Saussure

Ferdinand de Saussure Ferdinand de Saussure is born in1857 in Geneva. After studding in Leipzig, where he supported a thesis on usage of absolute genitive in Sanskrit 1880), he taught linguistics first in Paris and then in Geneva. He thought that the way the linguists dealed with language was not exclusively the right one. In […]

Books & Periodicals

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Wits and play on words

JOKES & PUNS Freud was inclined to understand the nature of jokes, wits and playing upon the words. The relation between psychoanalysis and linguistics isas close as that of the speech and the unconscious. Lacan used to recommend crossword to the analysts. From the very beginning in his correspondences with Fliess, Freud tried to find […]

Psychoanalytical terminology

Aggression: for Freud, instinctive and innate. See Thanatos. Agoraphobia: the ego’s method of self-limitation for avoiding the anxiety of acting out a sexual desire. Don’t leave the house without id. Anaclitic: the kind of love that is directed toward an object, usually a parent. Contrast narcissistic.Anal Character: one fixed at the anal level of psychosexual […]